2 Simple Steps to Building Traffic for Your New Website

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Around 24 months ago, I started a new website focused on bringing in additional income, I had zero traffic. But without giving up, I gradually built my targeted traffic for a specific product. 6 months later, I used profits from the first website to build another while hiring to “automate” the first. Rinse and repeat.

You can do it too. Find your niche, find your product, find your specialisation. Build it. Own it.

Here, I will share simple 2 steps to grow your traffic consistently; a process anyone could replicate. Potentially, if you keep to it, you could get about 50,000 new visitors each month.

Let’s go!

1) Write more often

I believe in doing at least 5x of what you would normally expect. Think you need to post once a week? Do it 5 times a week.

What’s there to stop you? No reasons. Do it.

The more frequently you post, the more search traffic you will receive, assuming your content is high in quality. Keep on hustling.

2) Write extremely detailed content

The average successful blog post ranges from 4,000 words on the low end to 8,000 words on the high end.

It can be time-consuming at first but keep doing it and you will perfect this particular skill that will roll in the income. If you don’t have time to do it? Hire someone from upwork.com or freelancer.com

This is a stream of visitors over a period of eight months when I did it 5x, this is a new niche I just got into last July 2016:

  • September – 5,047 visitors
  • October – 9,451 visitors
  • November – 14,247 visitors
  • December – 19,626 visitors
  • January – 27,793 visitors
  • February – 35,493 visitors(28 days)
  • March – 56,171 visitors

How have I been able to increase my search traffic on a consistent basis? Is it link building?


It’s purely by writing extremely detailed content and researching on long tail keywords for my niche. This allows me to get ranked for thousands of long tail keywords that aren’t competitive.

If you are going to write content, consider writing extremely detailed content. This allows a high chance of google noticing you and putting your website on the very top of its search ranking for keywords related to your niche.

Don’t get discouraged and keep on hustling!

Multiply your Online income pathways.

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