20 Secrets of Starting from ZERO

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Ever wondered how people make money?

Here is the secret:

  1. Choose what you are absolutely passionate about. Something that you would do even if no one paid you a single penny for it. GET EXPOSURE and LEARN EXPERIENCE
  2. Dedicate an average of 8 to 12 hours a day sharpening your axe and commit yourself to the next 10 years – even if you do not earn a single penny doing what you do. MASTER THE ART OF GIVING AND FOCUS
  3. Invest time, effort and money doing what you absolutely love doing. LEARN and LEARN and FOCUS
  4. Surround yourself with great minds – with people who have achieved even more greater success than you have. Their magic will eventually rub off you on. IMPROVE YOUR NETWORK
  5. You need to have a NOT-TO-DO list of things you should not do or waste time on. Again, FOCUS
  6. You need to have a KEEP-AWAY-FROM list filled with names of people you should avoid at all costs. And again, FOCUS
  7. You should be willing to break up or leave or give up anything for what you are passionate about. And…. FOCUS
  8. Eat, Sleep, Dedicate, Breathe, only this one goal. And….. FOCUS again
  9. Learn the art of marketing yourself, selling yourself, talking about yourself and advertising yourself. LEARN SALES. Best Selling Authors are that, Best SELLING. Theres no Best Writing Author.
  10. Position yourself differently from everyone else. GO NICHE, GO BLUE OCEAN.
  11. Try and Experiment something new every single month. If it works, keep it. It if doesn’t, get rid of it. FOCUS AND FOCUS again.
  12. At every point of the way – sell your skills and services for one dollar more per hour. And figure out ways how a person cannot say no to you. LEARN AND SELL MORE.
  13. Constantly upgrade yourself every single year, make it a point to develop one new skill. LEARN and FOCUS.
  14. Have a mastermind group of great thinkers like yourself. DEVELOP YOUR NETWORK
  15. Always listen carefully to whatever insult, joke or upsetting statement people give about you. There would be an element of truth in it. OPEN your mind and LEARN.
  16. Read books, Watch Educational programs and subscribe to online classes in what you are passionate about. LEARN more.
  17. Learn how to capitalize on the power of the Internet to help push your passion forward. LEARN HOW TO SELL.
  18. Know how to commercialize what you are passionate about. LEARN HOW TO SELL again.
  19. Never be stingy where investing money in your mind and education is concerned. LEARN how to make your money grow.
  20. Strive to be the best in the world – that must be your only vision. LEARN and FOCUS.

Do this…and you will make more money even from zero.

And try any one of these to gain more experience.

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