5 Hacks to building a Daily Routine that works

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Use a proven scientific method to get the most from your morning in 20 minutes or less.

  1. Place your bedside alarm out of reach from your bed, preferably something that forces you to get up – so it’s just an alarm and it forces you out of bed. This will stop any sleep inertia which is the “Hit the snooze button and pray it doesn’t go off again” mechanism.
  2. Begin with 30 air squats and 30 press ups. The exercise releases endogenous opioids known as endorphins in particular beta-endorphin and beta-lipotrophin.
  3. Have a cold shower for five-ten minutes. A previous cure for depression in the early 1900’s this will release noradrenaline which amplifies the previous physical activity.
  4. Drink a cup of tea. The tea mixture I would suggest is chinese tea and green tea. This stops the degradation of the noradrenaline from my exercise and cold shower by inhibiting catechol-O-methyl-transferase.
  5. The next best habit I took was not directly from a single person ,but so many people that I have met have been practicing the habit called : the “2-minute rule” and it is quite effective. This basically means do everything that can be done within 2 minutes, such as:

    1. Utensils and/or table Cleaning after eating.
    2. E-mail Cleaning which includes actions like replying, forwarding, deleting as soon as you have read the e-mail.
    3. If want to write on Quora just write it down.(I have been procrastinating to write since I joined Quora, thinking I will have to format and frame the answer which I will do ‘later’).
    4. If you remember/see a friend’s birthday on any social media dial him/her up if you can or leave a text message if you can’t reach him/her.
    5. If you remember something which you cannot do right away(more than 10 minutes of work) least you can do is set a reminder on your cell phone an if possible the deadline as well. (This one is very effective for me).

This makes your life tidy, free of clutter and have cleared out most of life mundane mysteries so you can get on with your serious online businesses.

These five activities have a proven scientific physiological and psychological benefit to increase your output in the day.

It only requires twenty minutes of your time but gives you an extra two hours in the day.

Start tomorrow. Start succeeding. Start your life.

Build an online business.

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