9 Theories you need to succeed and get things done in life

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  1. Pareto Rule – 20% of your customers will give you 80% of your profits. Determine who they are and you reduce 80% of your time running around aimlessly. Likewise, if you are an employee at work. Find out 20% of the items giving you problems and you have saved 80% of your time to: Practice your Single Skill.
  2. Practice a Single skill until it pays off by its own. Make it your business. Run it, improve it and earn more from it. Perseverance leads to mastery. But your need time to do it. Follow the Pareto Rule and of course: Reduce Mundane work.
  3. Reduce mundane work. Give priority and do compounding tasks: Get stuff done.
  4. Get Stuff done. Be neat. Always finish 2-minute mini tasks such as putting books back on the shelf. Getting stuff done is always good but don’t over stretch yourself: Take enough time off.
  5. Take enough time off. Emphasis is on enough. Enough is enough, never over satisfy yourself. Don’t get any leisure if you can. Sometimes 5 minutes of Facebook is enough. Cut it Down and: Find inspiration and use it as motivation.
  6. Find inspiration and use it as motivation. Master the power of habit. If you do one task daily for the entire month you will find the energy and time to do it naturally. If you can’t find any inspiration around you, network, network and network, mingle and find more friends but not forgetting your old ones. Mingle upwards and share downwards.
  7. Mingle upwards and share downwards. Grow your relationships with those obviously richer, smarter and wiser than you. Share what you learnt with your normal friends and grow even more.
  8. Eat healthily, exercise and keep fit. All your effort disappears if you don’t have your health.
  9. Once you have a grip of the above, Automate businesses once successful and move even higher.

But if you find that you can’t do the above yet, don’t worry. READ MORE BOOKS. Improve yourself until you can set up a regimen of time management and plan plan plan! Talk to yourself and ask yourself questions. Why did I do it like that? Your mind is a muscle, it gets weak without training. Be positive.

In short, gain more knowledge and keep on trying!

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