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What is a domain name?

In your quest towards your chosen online income strategies, a domain name is very important before you start your pursuit and hustling. Before learning how to choose a domain name, we obviously want to know what is a domain name. A domain or domain name is basically what identifies a web site, its like the name of the website or the main url for the website.

The domain name is the address that people use to get to your website. For example,

Without this address, people can not find your web page.

All websites need a domain name.

Reasons why you need your own domain name and not of any free provider are:

1.- Easy access – with the use of a unique and easy to remember name. For example

2.- It is an investment – if you create a quality site you can get to sell it.

3.- Professionalism – a domain name adds value and is taken more seriously than one from a free provider. For example, your domain name with a free provider would be this name indicates that your site is hosted with a free provider and people assume that your site is not of good quality and therefore they will not visit it.

4.- It belongs to you – the free domains are not yours. If the free provider decides not to offer their services will lose your domain name.

For all these reasons mentioned avobe, it is best to buy your own domain name.

Best of all is that your domain name does NOT have a very high price, is only about $10.00 a year. There are reliable and cheap domain hosts out there like Bluehost.

Web hosting

As well as all web pages need a domain name, a web hosting is required. Web hosting is the space on the internet you need for your site to be accessible by other people.

Do you have Web hosting?

If you still do not have web hosting service, you can get a domain name for free when signing up for web hosting service. Go to step number two.

If you already have a domain name and want to connect your domain name to a hosting plan, go to connect your domain name to a hosting plan at the bottom.

If you already have web hosting but you need a new domain name, then continue reading.

How to choose a domain name – What things must always be considered?

Choosing a domain name is a very important decision because once the page is created and already working, it will not be easy to change the domain.

The choice will depend on what the objective of your website is. I.e., according to the destination that you have designed for your domain (blog, page of product, page of company, site of niche, etc.) you will need attend to different considerations.

With this being said, there are certain rules or good practices that you will need to learn for you to know how to choose a domain name. 

Using keywords:

In terms of web positioning, it’s very beneficial that your domain contains the keyword or phrase which you want to use in order to optimize your website for the search engines.

Depending on the purpose of your website, you will have to adopt one of the following techniques:

-EMD Exact Match Domain or keyword-rich domains: are domains that have 1 or more accurate keyword included within the domain name. If the domain name contains 1 or several of the keywords that you are interested in optimizing your website for, and also the thematic related with those words is present in your website, then you could be positioning your website in less time.

-Domain combination of keyword: This is domain name formed by a keyword with a prefix or suffix . As the exact keyword for the domain (for example: was not available, then you add a prefix or suffix.

This type of domain tends to be not so good looking, but still has enough weight when it comes to positioning your website for a keyword. Some domains such as engadget, webentrepreneur and smartpassiveincome are really good. It all depends on the combination that you can achieve.

Length of the domain:

Ultimately, the shorter is your domain name, the better it will be, because it’s easy to remember. The problem now is that it is difficult to find short domains that could promise something.

Just notice how the majority of the sites with more success around the network have short domains: Mashable, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Digg, Tuenti, Amazon.

The best domains contain 8 or less letters. Below 12 continues to be a good number. The media often haunt the 11 letters.

Saying this does not mean that having a long domain prevents you from having popular blog. See for example: or

How to choose a domain name – Must be easy to remember and pronounce

Due to marketing reasons your domain name should be easy to pronounce and remember. Test it, say it to someone a couple of times and ask a couple of hours later to see if they can memorize and spell it. Some recommendations are:

  • Avoid the use of letters as: and, z, x, h, q, w.
  • Avoid using hyphens:
  • Prevents that the domain contains two or more letters repeated, unless is try of a Word with 2 letters that is widely known, as tools. I.e. it prevents things like;;;; etc.

The use of numbers: 

Your domain name should not contain numbers. Try to avoid including numbers as much as posible, because they don’t look so good and can confuse people. In addition, they tend to be less easy to remember.


Bet for a .com

There are many reasons to prefer a domain .com versus the rest of possibilities available. The most obvious are: greater recognition of brand, SEO benefits and avoid confusions that could send the traffic to another site. In addition to that, there are people who still believe that  .com are the only domains that exist.

After the .com preferable choices, in order of relevance, are: .net and .org. For example, if you find available a domain name but is .net you could take it. Is better to have a good .net than a bad .com.

If you have a .org or a .net already in operation and can also by the .com, then do it and redirect the traffic to your original domain. Notice how SEOmoz does it. If you go to you will be redirected to

Exception: and

How to choose a domain name – Why use Bluehost to register your domain name

There are hundreds or thousands of domain name providers. However, based on my experience after researching and learning, I recommend This is the best option for most people due to the following reasons:

1.- Domain redirection – redirect your domain name to any web hosting provider.

2.- Assistance – Bluehost offers assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week via email or phone. The service is very professional and the staff is very polite and helpful.

3.- Cheap – You can register your domain name for only $3.95 a month.

I recommend Bluehost because it offers the best available domain name registry in the market.

Ready?  Let’s begin Building your own website

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