Do you feel like you are wasting your life?

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Trust me, you’ll know when you’re wasting your life.

If you feel like:

  • Your life is:
    • boring/dull
      • “Nothing seems fun anymore.”
    • meaningless
      • “There’s nothing I can do that somebody else can’t.”
    • repetitive
      • “Every day is the same routine.”
  • Your mind is:
    • less engaged
      • “I don’t feel like doing anything.”
      • “Why should I do _?”
    • blank
      • “…”
      • “… … …”
    • overworked (extremely overworked during your own personal time)
      • “I’ve gotta do _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, and _ before _; then I need to do _, _, _, and _ by the time _ happens.”
      • “I don’t want anything to ruin my day, so let me do _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, and _ (waste the whole day) to make sure it turns out perfect!”
  • You question your:
    • existence
      • “Who am I supposed to be in this world?”
      • “What’s the point?”
      • “Why am I even alive?”
    • past choices
      • “Maybe I would’ve been better off with/without _?”
      • “What if I had done _ instead of _?”
      • “Why did I ever get myself into _?”
    • emotions
      • “How am I supposed to feel?”
      • “What makes me happy anymore?”
      • “Is it normal to always feel _?” (If you have to ask yourself this constantly, it isn’t normal.)

Basically, you’re wasting your life when you’re not living it to the fullest.

Do not risk it all. I’m not saying, “Be dumb and risk your life at every corner.” I’m just saying not to let your life revolve around nonsense that doesn’t make your life full. Of course, you need to work to make a living; but that doesn’t mean you should spend your entire life thinking about it. Relax a little but not too much, because then you’ll just be a couch potato.

Always find a balance. Balance is key.

Also, you should live in the moment, don’t dwell on the past. You may have made mistakes in the past, but that’s okay. Just learn from them and leave the rest behind. It’ll make your life a whole lot more worthwhile.

Change your lifestyle and have enough money to stop worrying about it.

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