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Before you start writing a book you should consider and layout a few things first.

Before you write:

  • Have a strategy; try and break down your writing down into a routine.
  • Think, and think some more. Walk around the house, garden, local cafe. Get the creativity flowing. I’m a little strange when it comes to ideas, and I’ve conceived many ideas just before bedtime.
  • Read up on established theories, principles, philosophies. You might even try using some already established ideas in science, philosophy, and/or religion. Absolutely nothing wrong with aligning these schools of thought into your story; in fact, it’ll make your book more relevant to human nature and existence.

When you’re about to, and are, writing:

  1. Motivation, commitment and persistence. It sounds generic, but you need these elements before even sitting down to write a book.
  2. Inspiration. What is inspiring you to write a book? Is it to bring about change in people’s awareness? Or do you seek to add a body of work that can contribute to a particular field? Whatever the rationale, ensure that there is both depth and richness which you can derive and develop your ideas from.
  3. A list of themes/concepts/ideas. Right now I’m writing two fiction novels. Before I even began writing them I sat down and nulled brainstormed on a bunch of ideas that would lead to the basic premise and plot of my books.
  4. An interesting plot. If you have some life experiences, then you might decide to draw upon these to start a fiction novel; creating characters that have some semblance to those who you know or are familiar with. If you decide to write a self-help novel then you would of course need to do a lot more academic/scholarly research so that your work is well-presented and accurate.
  5. More motivation. You will have off days where you just won’t have the required motivation to write anything. These are normal; so, instead use this time to think of some other ideas that you could work into your plot. I started writing my second book story, and then I had a short burst of low-activity which I used to create the story for my first novel (which is no the prequel to the second novel). Try to use this downtime to your advantage and be sure to keep creating/improving your story/themes/characters.
  6. Patience. Ideas will eventually show themselves and be brought from the sub-conscious to the conscious level of thinking. Be patient with yourself, writing a book isn’t a race it’s a process. In the most uneventful of moments you might have a breakthrough brainwave to an ending. Don’t force ideas, allow them to naturally proliferate.

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