There are many ways to making money, and depending on your personality; character; dreams and circumstances, each of our paths varies differently.

Let’s start with 3 basics:-

  1. TAKING ACTION. Finding your drive or motivation. Good news,if you are already on this page, you are already somewhat driven to EARN. Use that to increase that passion, however, it won’t last long, use it to build discipline by repeating your thoughts daily as a constant reminder never to go back to that state again, even when you make it big. It is proven that if you repeat it daily for 21 days, it will form a habit. Remember, Discipline is your foundation to eternal motivation.
  2. RESEARCH. Moving on your perfect money route.  As mentioned above, finding a path to making money depends on how your life have developed you. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s make that work for your favour.
  3. OPTIMISE. Earning more and spending less than you earn.


Next, You’ll probably ask “How?”

Lets see:-

1. You’re already rich. There’s already a future where all of your dreams are reality: You just need to consistently take massive action towards them and they will come to fruition

2. What company has the best business model in the world? Verizon Wireless. Re-create it

3. Monopoly’s exist. Google gets something like 82% of the search traffic. Their closest competitors are Yahoo & Bing. As you can guess by the percentage above, neither are even close.

Because of the (legal) monopoly Google has, they can raise their prices and increase their profit margins. Because they are making more money, they can enhance their workplace benefits.. they can make themselves a dream company to work for. Because of this they can hire the best of the best. Because of this they can create better products and farther dominate their competition.. which leads to a rise in profit margins.. and the cycle continues. Develop massive legal monopolies and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams

4. Distribution Channels = Everything. Stop focusing on making money so much. Start focusing on building a foundation. Start thinking about building a massive distribution channel – once that’s in place, you will be able to monetize. Find your passion.

Here’s a real world example: Facebook built Facebook (A massive distribution channel), and then introduced Facebook ads (a monetization method).

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