There are more great ways to make money both on-line and off-line. However, most of them require your perseverance, patience, passion and ambition. I aim to collect every single method right here in this page so stay tuned.

Online methods

  • Trading online

Investing is one of the easiest money making methods only from a technical viewpoint, but in fact, this can be one of the most difficult methods for those who don’t have a serious attitude or are too emotional.

One can invest in stocks, currency pairs, commodities, indexes, and more.

Stock investing is one of the most recommended forms of investing because the volatility is lower and the companies are interested in increasing their profits (so, you can benefit from it).
Stock trading is similar to betting on a company performance. For example, there is the Apple stock that costs $100 today and you think that tomorrow its price will increase based on some new product launch, so it may be $120. Accordingly, if you would invest $10,000 today, you would have $12,000 tomorrow. However, these are only simplistic examples – in fact, everything is a bit more difficult.

Forex trading (trading the currency pairs) has the same principle – you select a pair (like EUR/USD) and try to predict its future movement and profit from it.

The important thing is to choose a decent broker, because there are many problematic brokers and even scams:

  • Uploading viral YouTube videos

Some people seem to generate money by creating videos, uploading them on Youtube, and then make a passive income from the views that they get. This possibility is not available in all the countries.

In order to start making money on your clip, you’ll have to enable monetization. This implies that you are permitting YouTube to place ads in your video. This also means that you acknowledge that there is no copyrighted material in your video.

  • You can monetize a video as it uploads by clicking the Monetization tab and checking the “Monetize with Ads” box.
  • To monetize a video after it has been uploaded, open your Video Manager and click the “$” sign next to the video that you want to monetize. Check the “Monetize with Ads” box.

You can also set up Google AdSense for free.

  • Sports Betting

Even if this kind of activity is viewed as one of the riskiest, if you could be patient and manage the risk – this can be a great money generating method. The important thing is to have a good experience in analyzing sports events.

In sports betting, you should look for very small total odds – like 2.00 or maximum 3.00, and then invest a larger amount of money.

It is very important to choose a reputable sports betting service, such as William Hills, Bet365, or Bwin.

It is also important to bet on very possible events – like over 1.5 goals in a football match.

  • Making money by starting a blog

If you like to write and express your ideas loudly, then blogging might be the right activity for you – and you can make money with this.

For example, one of the most common forms of making money via blogging is by advertising.

The ads on your blog will be graphics or images similar to billboards or ads in a magazine. Typically they are positioned on your site in the sidebar, header, footer or within your content. Sometimes they are referred to as banner ads.

Yet, there are more ways to generate money by blogging, such as affiliate marketing, writing sponsored posts, write reviews, and so on.

Here’s how you can make money by blogging.

Speaking about how much you can make, according to Forbes:

  • Only 11% of respondents earned more than $30,000 (annually)
  • 68% earned less than $5,000
  • And 57% made less than $2,500

That said, some bloggers earn six-figure incomes and 6% of respondents indicated they make over $60,000 annually.

  • Freelancing

If you are skilled, you can just work from home and look for clients via special platforms. There are many huge platforms today that connect the employees with the workers. If you can write, are good at programming, a certain software, photo, compose music, translate, etc. you can make a profile and just build your career online.

  • Dropshipping

If you have no skills and low on cash, the simplest way money can be earned is just selling an existing product. Not only there is already interest, if researched and planned properly, your dropshipping profits can be maximised while being competitive.

If you want to understand more on the basics of dropshipping, check here.

Here’s how you can make money by dropshipping.

  • Revenue Sharing Article Sites

A good way to start off your online business would also be contributing revshare articles, not only it is write and forget, a true passive income; it does not need further effort to maintain and you will get lifetime payments if you write some good articles. Pick a topic you are passionate about and start here if you are new to all these.

By honing your writing skills, you are halfway moving towards your own ebooks and even a blog which also leads down the path to creating niche sites. I recommend Hubpages.


Offline Methods 

  • Building a Career


  • Door to door Sales


  • Building a traditional business


There are probably more great methods, but as you may notice, none of them is as easy as one might expect. You have to be motivated and have some good plan. And who said that making money should not require some effort?