So I thought I would share this method with you guys today because not a lot of people know about this and are mostly scared of getting a strike on their channel…

Firstly… you gotta know which content you can upload and which not !

The safest content you can upload is from the copyright holder UEFA or known as UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, UEFA WORLD CUP, etc

You can either record the matches yourself or wait like me and take it from someone else because everyone is just reuploading the same video thousand times… but you gotta have a good thumbnail and a good title because almost every single title is the damn same…

So starting with this method is actually easy as hell… the thing is that there aren’t UEFA games every single day or week… they are already scheduled you can google it when they are.

For ex. 4 days ago there was a match between FC Barcelona vs Manchester City wich ended 4-0. What you need to do is go on youtube and search that game and use filters on Upload Date: Last hour after the game has ended.

Copy the link of the video you want to re-upload and use a youtube downloader and download it. I personally always go on UEFAs website to grab high-quality pictures taken from the match (they probably always upload the pictures after like 5-10mins after the game has ended) and i always make a good thumbnail that has an HD logo on the left top corner and on the bottom center i show the end score of the game.

I won’t tell my method of which tags and description i use because everyone has to make their own. I always use a preset and i always directly edit all changes and names for the clubs that are playing before the match is ending so I don’t have to create the tags while i already upload it.

This method is quite simple actually… It’s only when there are games when u can make some $$.

For ex. I used this title
FC Barcelona vs Manchester City 4×0 All Goals & Highlights – Resumen y Goles

This video had received over 400K views and it was getting more views by hour… last i checked it was getting 85K/h after some few hours it got blocked by UEFA manually. (keep in mind that you can get away without getting your video blocked because they only look for a few hours after the game has ended probably 24 hours, after that they leave it. Because there are still other uploads that are online)

I uploaded 8 UEFA match highlights in 1 day and only this video above got blocked so i was actually lucky also that i received those +400K views before it got blocked because i still received the revenue from that video wich was over 430$ in actually a few hours. I’m partnered w/ a network for over 4 years now on a 70/30 split if you’re not with a network you could monetize with adsense !

You could also add an annotation wich says SUBSCRIBE that’s linked to your Subscribe button because this will help alot wich got me over 1K subscribers on that particular video !

Next UEFA matches are starting in November ;)
Good luck !

I would say stick with UEFA matches only because UEFA is probably the only one that blocks the video on youtube instead of directly striking the video and your channel…

Never upload friendly matches from other leagues like for ex. Turkish League, La Liga, Bundesliga etc … because they have a team that constantly keeps looking for their uploaded content manually and they will strike your channel if they find it. Some Leagues are using the Automated system Content id so its not worth uploading it.