Simple Quickstart to Building your own website

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The process of how to create a website is fast and easy. If you can use a text editor, such as Word, rest assured that you can learn how to make a website. This post brings you step by step from the beginning to the end.

Build your own website – saving time and money

The truth is that I did not know the value of my first website. I started to learn how to program with HTML when I was 15 and I picked it up quite easily. Too easy in fact that I abandoned it all for leisure and games. When I came back into the industry, it has evolved beyond me. There were sites such as blogger which allows anyone to create a blog quickly and easily without any cost. What they don’t say is that these sites are very limited, the design is equal to everyone else, and you can’t change it.

After experimenting for years, I discovered the best method to build my own website, and I will show you below. This is the fastest and easiest way to create a professional website without having to be a professional Designer or Developer.

How to build your own website step by step

A hosting allows you to store your website’s files on a server where visitors download it from.

Why would you create a self-hosted website with your own domain name instead of using a free service?

Most of the things that are conducted on the internet are by means through web pages. So if you have the desire to have a presence on the Internet, you’ll need a website.

There is a large number of free services that will allow you to create websites. Unfortunately, these services are very limited and don’t offer you the control you need to be able to create a website with a good and serious purpose.

If the reason why you are creating a website is something serious, like starting off a new business and it is not just a pastime, I do not recommend creating a website with a free provider.

The problems of creating a website with a free provider are the following:

1.- Your page will include the name of the hosting service provider. and not just This makes you look like a beginner without credibility and your page will be not taken seriously.

2.- The domain name and content are not your property. These are the property of the provider of the free web hosting you are using. If the provider decides not to offer the free hosting service any longer, you will permanently lose your domain name and your website’s content.

3.- You have fewer customization options. The design and functionality of the web page are extremely limited.

For these reasons, we recommend creating a website with WordPress, self-hosted and with your own domain name. This option offers you maximum control over your professional website, many more options and of course the flexibility with the performance to design of your pages.

How to build my own website – Why creating a website with WordPress?

WordPress is the easiest way to create a website with a professional design.

WordPress is a very effective CMS (Content Management System) with powerful performance management system.

But the best of all is that it allows you to easily and quickly create websites and blogs. It also facilitates the design of your website as well as adding, deleting, and editing content.

Using WordPress you don’t need to be an expert to create, develop and expand your website. It is easy to install, easy to use, easy to customize and easy to modify.

But don’t get confused with its simplicity and ease of use, don’t think that because it is easy to use it will give you bad results. WordPress is a powerful system for creating websites.

How to build my own website – Self-hosted and with my own domain name

The process of getting a web hosting service like BlueHost, installing WordPress and creating your website is quick and easy. Without the need of having any skill or expertise to create your web page.

In this simple tutorial, we will show you step by step. Click on one the following titles in order to get their respective tutorials:

1.- Learn how to get a domain name

All websites need a domain name. A domain name is an address that people use to get to your web site.

If you do not have Web hosting yet, ignore the step number 1 and continue with step number 2: establish a Web hosting account.

2.- Setup a New Hosting Account and Get a Domain Name

In order for your website to be accessible on the internet, you need to have storage or space on the internet. Hosting provides you the necessary space to make your website accessible.

3.- Install WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) that allows you to easily and quickly create, develop and edit websites without having any technical skills.

4.- Choosing and Installing a WordPress theme

A theme is a software that determines the appearance of a website in WordPress. This what gives your website a professional design.

5.- Installing WordPress Plugins

Plug-ins or add-ons, are software that can add performance or functionalities to your website. For example, if you want to translate your website to Spanish, the only thing you have to do is to install a plugin with that functionality.

By following these 5 simple steps you will be to learn how to create a website with WordPress. After completing them, you will have a wonderful and professional website.

Next, you will need to fill it full of awesome content.

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