This page for anyone that’s a little stuck and has lost momentum and finding it hard to get going on…Going through person issues, family, health, wealth and so on…. Remember this: “Something has to change or nothing will.”

Just last year in 2016, I went through a rough patch and was rock bottom, businesses failed and everything fell apart.  Everyone has their story and even though people appear content or happy, there’s always a background story. So then earlier this year I slowly started to lose momentum, motivation and before I knew I became lazy, non-productive and was on a downward spiral. It wasn’t easy to get up on my feet again to start from scratch.

It just happens, the world will step over you no matter who you are. Someone else will be going through something similar right now and be consumed by the drudgery and not know what to do and just lose motivation and faith.

So, stop. Think. Reflect. Change. Get back on a path of success and build momentum.

Whether it’s blaming others, or whether things didn’t go your way or people let you down or your business isn’t where you want it to be or whether your bank balance isn’t what you want it to be, or your health is not ideal or your relationship is non-existent… There are some things in this world you control and others that are not in your control, remember that.

It’s ok if you are in a place where things aren’t happening for you or you just lost momentum…promising yourself you’ll do it but never do.

If you are going through something like this, then look firstly you have to admit there’s an issue, remove pride, remove ego and just address the damn problem. Then you have to focus on focusing on yourself, and finding the solutions and think to yourself along the lines of….

How can I improve myself – Then do it

How can I work on my business and improve – Then do it

How can I get my bank balance to what I want – Then do it

How can I improve my relationship – Then do it

How can I improve my health – Then do it

The main point is actually to do it; thinking is great, but without action, nothing will be accomplished, and you will remain average. You just have to DO something, one small leap, one step, one action towards completing your task, moving towards your objective. Allow your mind to generate solutions and ideas instead of wasting its energy on negativity or useless thinking like feeling sorry for yourself.

If you can allow yourself to work out solutions or find someone to help you, mentor coach, or even write a book. Point being – Just do something different right now, today. If you keep doing, what you’ve been doing then NOTHING WILL CHANGE, and you will be stuck in a painful cycle.

In ANY area of your life – YOU decide and choose the outcome and reality. The harsh truth is, sometimes people feel others owe them something, the government owes you something, and nobody owes you Sh*t. Sometimes the problem we’re facing gets more time, focus and attention. Then you start moving away from the straight path and towards a road leading to nowhere, but you get so far out you no longer see the path!

So look have patience, have faith and just decide and do something today, right now and stop saying I’ll do it later or tomorrow… Keep thinking like that, and you’ll never do it if you haven’t already,

At the end of the day, you do whatever you have to do. No one else is going to do it for you and don’t expect them to – whatever the outcome is… it’s all on YOU