Read this only if you are looking for success in life.

Honestly, stop wasting money. Use it only to sustain and enhance yourself. I don’t know how you guys are doing financially but seriously – IGNORE everything that promises fast cash.

Instead, go build distribution channels, build systems, learn how to monetize them.

Stop thinking about internet marketing.

Stop thinking about getting funded.

Start thinking about building 8 figure companies, start your empire.
You want to learn how to make money –> Get Gyazo, find e-commerce giants that you know are making TONS of $$$$, take out your credit card and spend $100 to go through their sales funnel, take screenshots of each step, recreate the funnel.

Check out their follow up sequences (emails & phone calls), when they send you the products you bought, watch what they send with it –> Discount codes? Continued offers?

Record everything and then replicate.

I have found that trial and error is the WORST way to learn – ignore what anyone else tells you and learn from the systems that work RIGHT NOW. This method gives you the most valuable experience you need in the fastest way possible.

Remember to EXECUTE and ACTION after you learn. Keep hustling.

I’ve saved into six figures by learning from others and learning from their mistakes. Every time I make a mistake, it’s massively costly and more importantly, time-consuming. Stop making mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Elon Musk has worked 85 hour weeks for years. Read more than anybody else, work more than anybody else, learn more than anybody else, execute more than anybody else.
How to get ideas and brainstorming companies

Live your life for 90 days, write down all problems and bothersomes you encounter. At the end of the 90 day period go through and figure out which problems will have affected the most people, and which problems solved will offer the most value to society.
Come up with a brand or product that solves that problem and boom. Cash out. Artificial intelligence is coming and it’s going to wipe out so many jobs (lawyers, accountants, programmers, etc).

The time to do major things is now.

The time to make major money is now.

In 5 years from now when all the crazy ass new technology coming out hits the market, you’re in the game ready to capitalise.

That’s the curve of success in my opinion.

You may start out excited and enthusiastic with a major idea but you’re incompetent. You hit and overcome barrier after roadblock after barrier your momentum dies or massively slows. It feels like you’re trudging through shit
but as you begin to overcome things and your competence goes up.
You watch your company(ies) begin to flourish and pick up momentum, your enthusiasm and excitement goes back up and this time you’re competence is right up there with them.

Just know that going in. Nothing’s easy, but as long as you consistently learn, overcome, and persist: YOU WILL SUCCEED