Starting On Your New Online Income Journey

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When I first ventured towards my first online income, I had nothing left to my name.

Still, I prevailed not only in a broke state of mind, but also in a foreign market.

As a needy ontrepreneur(online entrepreneur), you have a deep desire to get back on your feet and keep fighting as long you maintain that positive attitude. Never give up and remember that you will fail only IF you give up. Learn from your failures and build a keen eye for recognizing unmet needs, niches, market trends and potential business opportunities, regardless of the industry. Keep on dreaming big and you will see passive income ideas everywhere you go. Act on all of your dreams one at a time. Write down everything you do.

You simply need a critical eye, passion and the willingness to carry the burden to win big. Dream big towards your objectives and you will simply achieve more.

Here are five ways you can keep on fighting in order to succeed in any online market and build it into a passive income:

1. Set your expectations high.

First, you need to outline what you hope to get out of running an online business. Pursue fulfilling work that aligns with your passion, working will never seem like a chore and you will keep on achieving and doubling your income repeatedly. Defining a few deal breakers will help you weed out the duds. This is about the type of online business you want, not necessarily the industry. You have a wide range to start from, dropshipping; affiliate marketing;blogging;writing a book; plus many ways of monetization available depending on your skills you are willing to develop, build it from scratch and you will reap the benefits.

2. Never stop studying.

You can’t discover unmet needs and propose viable solutions without continuously studying the ins and outs of an industry. Investigate potential government regulations, key industry players and national and international trends to further expand your knowledge base. Learn enough to sense possibilities, then conduct more research before acting on that information, whether you move forward or course-correct. Keep reading books.

Listening is also a crucial component of research. You will only identify gaps by listening to the market and responding to it. Read forums and find problems to solve. That is a niche in itself. You will see that there are many more with the same type of problems, solve them all! An offline method is to conduct interviews and surveys to hear directly from people.

Make learning a part of your life. Constant improvement is the only way to stay competitive and increase your value.

3. Find your light bulb.

Unearthing your brilliant idea is more about observation than innovation. Along with industry research, seek out inspiration in a bigger landscape. Attend make money quick events but never purchase. See how they earn their money and copy their methods. I sign up and visit free get rich quick events at least once a month for inspiration.  Look to other entrepreneurs, and discover how they’re building successful companies by perceiving things differently.

When sorting through your ideas, make sure to hone a unique selling point(USP). You don’t necessarily need to dream up a brand-new invention; you can also enhance an existing idea. You might be faster, cheaper or have a sharper focus on customer service. Just make sure you can differentiate yourself and have a long term plan to build it into a passive income idea, for example.

4. Build your spokes.

The advisors, employees and organizations you work with will play a defining role in your success (or failure). Hire passionate, experienced team members who will ride out the challenges and instability of the early startup days. Outsource your work when you gain income, keep building more streams of income. If you do dropshipping, work with the best suppliers or partners to ensure a great product and customer experience. And keep in touch with your old network even as you develop a new one. Your network is your networth or so they say.

Clarifying your business’s purpose will lead you to the right people to build with.

5. Be bold.

In every step, you have to be bold enough to overcome internal fears and external discouragement. Don’t be afraid to learn something new or ignore the naysayers. Of course, you can’t do it alone. With a great team by your side, you can compensate for your shortcomings and thrive in any market. There are many online income strategies.

No magic formula will point you to a winning business idea, but repeating these steps helped me build a business I love. Dive deep into an industry, and keep your eyes open. Find where your passion intersects with a deep-seated void, and you’ll be the perfect person to fill it.


Get started.

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