Viewing investments and long term benefits

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Investing in myself rather than my addictive habits.

Instead of investing all my money on games, entertainment and things I do not need I focused on what I could spend my money on that would compound and give me the most value over the course of my life.

I looked at my normal spending habits over the course of the last month and then thought about what that would give me in the end and if that is what I really wanted.

Here is an example what a month might have looked like:

  • $50 x 2 for video games. → 40 hours of entertainment per game. No lasting effects other than procrastination.
  • $100 for dates with girlfriend → Fun and improving the relationship. Lasting effects include: Passion, romance and closer connection to my partner.
  • $60 for paintballing with friends → Fun and improving the relationships. Lasting effects: closer connection with these people. Worth it?
  • $100 for business expenses → Improving my business now. Lasting effects: More clients, more traffic, more knowledge.

This showed me that I had at least $100 left over at the end of the month from video games and maybe some more from friends and girlfriend expenses.

I did not change my expense just shifted them to be more of what I thought would benefit me in the long-run.

Did you know that a book only costs $20 and can last for about a lifetime?

I started investing in things that had a lasting effect for most of my life and the things I got out of it saved me a lot of money in the long-run. Or rather, made me more money!

The decision to spend money on the things that could benefit my life was the best decision ever.

I still do spend money on my girlfriend, I pay for a couple of video games and I do go out with my friends, but what I spend money on has become a lot more conservative and I am looking very hard at whether it is something I truly want.

Last year I only bought 3 games instead of 2 a month, I got more creative with my dates and I chose to stay home more often than go out with friends.

This made me have money left over for dozens of books and a couple of seminars that I attended. All of which I am still benefiting from today.

The only difference I made was to think about my money more consciously. And not spending it at the first sign of an oncoming emotion!

Spend your money on yourself, not for yourself. Investing in yourself is the best decision you can make.

Start investing on yourself now.

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