Worried about starting up? Just execute your idea.

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Never waste time and effort to worry about someone stealing your idea. You and you alone have the passion to run everything through, what’s more, a startup “idea” is literally worth less than zero. Zero would mean it added no value, but also did not take away any value. An “idea” takes your time. It takes your energy. It may even take your resources, financial and otherwise. I am taking it you have not worked on your idea for very long. Once you have, you will learn that the idea means nothing. The execution means everything.

Think of some examples.

The Diamond Rio hit the market as a (relatively) cheap, and portable MP3 player years before the iPod. Seen anyone using one lately? The idea of the portable MP3 player meant nothing. The superior execution meant everything.

Or what about the market for turning every car, and every car driver, into a potential chauffeur? Many people probably don’t even realize that it was Lyft, not Uber, that did this first.

Uber initially only focused on black cars. But Lyft’s “idea” for the market meant little compared to Uber’s superior execution of it, leading to their $62.5 Billion valuation.

All of this to say, if you are spending time worrying about others “stealing” your idea, you are taking time and energy away from what actually matters: executing against that idea. Execute better than anyone else, and nothing else matters.

Ideas are easily borrowed or stolen. Execution is not.


If it gets viral, that’s one less thing you gotta worry about marketing in future.

Here’s the thing, according to Charlie Greer “the National Science Foundation put some very interesting statistics, the average person thinks about twelve thousand thoughts per day. A deeper thinker puts forth-fifty thousand thoughts daily.

So your idea has pretty much crossed many people already, try googling it. What matters is how passionately and aggressively you implement it. It is your vision for  the idea & business that nobody will follow. No matter how many people start before you, no matter how many start along with you, eventually, you shall succeed with your vision and passion.

For an example point of view, Google came late to the search market, Facebook was yet another social networking website and still against all odds they are one of the biggest internet companies in the world.

Thus, SHARE YOUR IDEA and not worry about it, because you will lose opportunities and the world will miss out on another potentially great product.

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