Like many others, I was forced to find an alternative career.

With only a construction engineering diploma, there was not much avenue for me to grow and truly develop. Not counting bad days and terrible luck, losing my house due to lack of finances; I eventually grew to read and learning every single waking hour to developing businesses through trial and error (bad move). I have experimented and jumped at every single online scam and get rich quick schemes. Nothing worked and instead pulled me deeper into the sinkhole. Don’t believe it when anyone says you will be rich instantly.

It was never easy for me to reach this current stage of life and I might still be working on a job now if not for my past brief experiences with online income that has mentally prepared me towards building my own online businesses.

It was the year 1999, I experimented with my very first blog on I remember it was full of animated puppy .gifs running around the site, I got over 100 visits in just over a few months, but I was too naive then and could not understand what was happening nor how the internet worked. Eventually, I lost interest and went back to playing games like Diablo I and Lineage.

Year 2000, I stumbled into blogging and built a new free blog on and began a new journey towards the unknown. I explored earning with adsense (was so easy to be approved then), made $20 right on the spot by blogging about games. However, I was uneducated in money and failed to see the opportunity that presented itself; I continued to play games while studying to be an engineer. I had left money on the table and I still regret it today.

2014, I lost my job in construction due to restructuring and lack of projects. It made me realise the countless hours and nights wasted trying to ‘perform’ in my job. With just a month notice, I had to either find another job or do something else. While surfing on  job websites and desperately seeking for a job, I chanced upon my old blog and my adsense earnings; realisation dawned upon me that I have wasted a fantastic opportunity and kickstarted my path into starting multiple online businesses over the years starting from Niche blogs monetised by adsense -> Clickbank -> Dropshipping sites -> Various CPA Networks -> PPC/CPC ads -> Selling dropshipped goods on ebay -> Amazon Affiliate -> Selling dropshipped goods on Amazon -> Facebook ads -> E-books -> Start-up with an App(To be revealed in future) -> This Website.

Most work are currently outsourced to my employees.

Create jobs. Not work at one. Maintain control.

Fast forward today, I have gained a hell lot of experience from my trials. Here to share with everyone how I pulled myself out of the abyss and restarted, rebooted from scratch and to building my empire to riches and a better life.


I am in my mid-twenties and (only recently) very frugal. I spent my half of my prime living the rat race and constantly learning about life until I lost my job. This caused me to be desperate and I fell for every single make money quick scam I came across. I learnt a lot on my way and started my first online business which made me more than my previous salary after much perseverance. This is the digital age after all.

Never give up.

I am here to show you my mistakes and lessons learnt on my pathway to success. Learn from my mistakes and get yourself what you need to. It is also a reminder for myself to keep on hustling.

My main goal is to achieve financial independence at the age of 35 (passive) and 45 (aggressive). To retire comfortably at this age, I will need liquid finances of about $2M, which should comfortably generate a passive/mostly passive income of about $8000 a month with my online businesses. Although it is possible for me to retire once I generate a passive income of $5500, it is safer to have a buffer; ALWAYS have a backup plan towards your preferred lifestyle design.